Winter skirt

How was everyone’s weekend? Football Fever is still going strong in our household so basically my weekend was a blur of men running around on a green field πŸ™‚

After a weekend of casual clothes and no make-up, it’s nice to wear something a little girly – a skirt. In Winter it is easy to shun skirts and dresses in favor of jeans and long pants, but I love the look of boots with a skirt – it is just so feminine and pretty. I got this skirt from YDE years ago and although I swelter in it if I am stupid enough to try wear it in summer (because of the thicker material), I revive it excitedly every winter. The thick material is perfect for cold days and high boots.

This is a super soft look, but if it is too girly for you, you could add a leather jacket and black boots to give it more of an edge.Skirt and boots

Skirt from YDE, Jersey and scarf from Woolworths, Boots from Zoom

15 thoughts on “Winter skirt

  1. I love the look that you’ve put together. I agree, I adore the whole boots and skirt/dresses thing in winter, its super easy to wear and so comfy. Great post! Looking fab as always.

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