Winter Comforts

I am all about comfort when it gets colder – fleece pajamas, woolly slippers, delicious mugs of Hot Chocolate, steaming hot baths, and candles with warm scents like cinnamon and pine – I do it all. That comfort extends to my Winter wardrobe too – if it’s woolly, fluffy or an oversized knit, then it is probably in my cupboard 🙂

How do you spoil yourself in Winter? We have a tradition in my family. Every year, my mom always buys us fleece pajamas from Woolworths. Yes I am almost 30 and have been married for nearly 4 years, but I still get pajamas from my mom once a year and I am not ashamed to admit it 🙂


Knit and Boots from Foschini, Jeans from Edgars, Belt from YDE, Old Top


Have a wonderful Wednesday!





Winter skirt

How was everyone’s weekend? Football Fever is still going strong in our household so basically my weekend was a blur of men running around on a green field 🙂

After a weekend of casual clothes and no make-up, it’s nice to wear something a little girly – a skirt. In Winter it is easy to shun skirts and dresses in favor of jeans and long pants, but I love the look of boots with a skirt – it is just so feminine and pretty. I got this skirt from YDE years ago and although I swelter in it if I am stupid enough to try wear it in summer (because of the thicker material), I revive it excitedly every winter. The thick material is perfect for cold days and high boots.

This is a super soft look, but if it is too girly for you, you could add a leather jacket and black boots to give it more of an edge.Skirt and boots

Skirt from YDE, Jersey and scarf from Woolworths, Boots from Zoom

Sunshine yellow and stripes

Happy Youth Day to all the South Africans who read this blog. Hope you are having a wonderful day off 🙂

The title of this post is somewhat wishful thinking as there is not a whole lot of sunshine around here right now, but last night  I came across these photos that I took a few weeks ago and forgot to post. No time like the present, although I am kind of out of season here, hopefully it will remind all of you who are bundled up in heavy coats and woolly socks that in just a few short months we will shed our numerous layers and once again wear a normal amount of clothes 🙂

So, although it’s definitely not an outfit I will be wearing again soon (unless the goosebump look is in) this is one of my favorite blazers to wear because it always makes me think of sunshine. (Oh the irony … ) I love pairing it with a more relaxed top to offset the fact that it is a pretty prim jacket. Plus it gives me more options to wear it instead of just at work.

What’s one color that always makes you happy?

Blazer and necklace from Queenspark, Top from Edgars, Jeans from Foschini, Old shoes

Blazer and necklace from Queenspark, Top from Edgars, Jeans from Foschini, Old shoes

yellow blazer 2

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Statement coat

I love colorful coats! In Winter, people tend to hibernate their bright colors and wear a lot of gray, brown and black. While those colors are fabulous for boots, it can get kind of depressing if you look like that all winter. So I love adding bright pops of color into my winter wardrobe. I love this green coat from Zara because it’s fun, bright and makes me happy while keeping me warm.



If you aren’t really the kind of girl who wants to wear a jacket that practically screams “Look at me!” you can also wear a brightly colored scarf, handbag or even nail polish or lipstick to add some color into a gray day.

How do you like to add color on dreary winter days?




How was everyone’s weekend?

It’s officially winter here in South Africa but this weekend was actually pretty hot. As a last salute to the sun, I threw caution to the wind and ditched my jerseys and scarves and wore something light. What better way is there to put off winter than with flowers, right? Don’t let my squinty eyes fool you, I really was awake when this photo was taken, it was just bright outside 🙂

Kimono, belt and handbag from Forever New, Top from Rage, Jeans from Queenspark, Shoes from Claire's

Kimono, belt and handbag from Forever New, Top from Rage, Jeans from Queenspark, Shoes from Claire’s


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