My neglected white coat

Hi, My name is Kylie and I am scared of wearing white. Okay, not really, but is anyone else absolutely paranoid about wearing an expensive white item of clothing?? I am not a super messy person – I don’t drop my food on my shirt or get very dirty – but I do have dogs. And most of my family have dogs.Β And they all love to jump up on you to greet you (usually after walking in mud or some sort of dirt that you have to sniff suspiciously) and leave behind their hair.

D bought me this beautiful white coat a few years ago and although I love it, this is probably only the 3rd time I’ve worn it. Terrible I know – hence the title of my post because even though it is beloved, it is neglected. On Father’s Day, however, I decided to be a daredevil and wear it – dirty dogs be damned πŸ™‚

Do you have any item of clothing or jewelry or handbag that you love but are always a bit hesitant to wear or am I the only Nervous Nellie??




11 thoughts on “My neglected white coat

  1. I stopped wearing white anything once a had 4 children and 6 dogs but you really lovely in white with the dark hair

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