My no-effort required outfit

I have been sick for the past week and it has not been a pretty sight. The last few days have been spent in bed with no make-up on, layered up like an Eskimo because I have flu and our house is freezing. For some inexplicable reason D and I have no heater (or apparently the inclination to buy one either, becauseย at least twice a day we comment to one another how we really need to get one but, alas, still no heater …).

Although I took ย a couple days off work to try get better, I had to go back eventually. On days where Iย feel sick, or just don’t feel like putting in any effort, my military jacket is my go-to “No effort required” outfit. It requires minimal fuss, is super comfy and is one of those pieces that is just really easy to wear and adds an extra element to an outfit that otherwise might look a bit plain. My favorite way to wear it is with a striped top and a chunky necklace as seen in the photos.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Top from Spree, Military jacket from Milady’s, Old necklace


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