Belted Puffy Jacket

Although my past foray into fake fur wasn’t exactly a success (hello, Woolly mammoth…) this jacket was too warm and comfy to pass up! Plus, I love how the belt makes it more figure flattering. Remember, with puffy jackets, the trick is to look for more fitted ones or ones that tuck in at the waist so you don’t look like a marshmallow 🙂

I’ll keep it short and sweet today because it is the Weekeeeeennnnddd Baaaabbbyyy (Anyone else miss hearing that on Gareth Cliff’s show??) I can’t help but add a ridiculously long “Baaaabbbbbyyyy!” whenever someone says, “It’s the weekend.”

Have a wonderful weekend whatever you’re doing 🙂


Jacket and Jeans from Edgars, Top from Foschini, Old Handbag, Boots from Zoom


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Here comes the woolly mammoth

The title of this post is courtesy of my Dad who said that exact phrase when I wore this outfit for lunch with my family. Not exactly a compliment but I am undeterred in my love for furry vests. I love how they keep you warm without sweltering and I love the fact that, because it kind of looks outrageous, you can add lavish accessories and it still works 🙂

Any other “woolly mammoths” out there who love furry vests or am I really on the extinct list?


Have a fabulous Friday everyone!