Puffy jackets and marshmallows

It’s officially winter here, with the last few burnished leaves of Autumn falling from trees and covering the ground in an orange-red carpet. It’s still early enough in Winter to have green grass, so it feels strangely festive and the cold bite in the air makes me think of Glühwein and cozy socks.

In winter, besides for wonderfully thick coats, I love my puffy jackets. If you are worried about looking like a marshmallow and fear being dunked in someone’s hot chocolate, opt for a slightly more subdued level of “puff” 🙂 I love this Zara jacket because it is puffy but still gives me shape and looks sophisticated enough to wear to work. Plus it is incredibly soft and warm!

Whatever weather you are experiencing today, I hope it puts you in a good mood as you start the weekend! It is absolutely freezing today so as soon as I leave work, I plan on burrowing under mountains of duvets on the couch in front of the TV with Hot Chocolate on tap courtesy of D (If I can convince him to be my Hot Chocolate slave of course) 🙂


Jacket from Zara, Sweater from Woolworths, Pants from Woolworths, Shoes from Zoom, Old Necklace


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Blues and boots

The colder mornings we’ve been having lately have definitely made me reach for my boots. I love ankle boots because they aren’t as “high maintenance” as taller boots. With tall boots you have to faff around tucking your jeans in and making sure you socks are on snugly etc etc. But with ankle boots all you have to do is pop them on, zip them up, and voila. Plus, I think they just look really sleek and sophisticated in an understated way.

What do you think about ankle boots? Love them or do you usually reach for tall boots?

Jacket from YDE, Top from Foschini, Jeans from Woolworths, Old Boots

Jacket from YDE, Top from Foschini, Jeans from Woolworths, Old Boots


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