Here comes the woolly mammoth

The title of this post is courtesy of my Dad who said that exact phrase when I wore this outfit for lunch with my family. Not exactly a compliment but I am undeterred in my love for furry vests. I love how they keep you warm without sweltering and I love the fact that, because it kind of looks outrageous, you can add lavish accessories and it still works 🙂

Any other “woolly mammoths” out there who love furry vests or am I really on the extinct list?


Have a fabulous Friday everyone!




Cold days = cozy knits and messy hair

Monday mornings are hard, but when they are cold they are so much harder … However, the upside is that cold mornings are the perfect excuse to be lazy. Didn’t you brush your hair? Nope, it was too cold to get out of bed until the last possible second, therefore no time to fix the hair! Isn’t that your fleece pajama top under that jersey? Yip, it was too cold to get out of it … I hear you. Cozy knits and jerseys are the comfiest way to celebrate the cold. I love the feeling of snuggling into a warm jersey with a cup of tea nearby. Absolutely perfect.

What’s your favorite way to enjoy a cold day?


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