Surviving a shopping spree

Being an image consultant, I tend to do a LOT of shopping. However, as much as I love shopping, there are definitely some steps to take to really enjoy a good old-fashioned shopping spree. No one likes to end a fun day of buying gorgeous clothes dragging shopping bags tiredly on the floor while blisters are forming on toes that have been squashed into high heels for too long.

So (drum roll please …)


 1. Comfy Shoes

Shopping is not the time to wear high heels. Even my beloved wedges don’t see the shops when I am in the middle of a spree. There is nothing worse than wanting to shop more, but your feet are protesting so much that you end up collapsing on that tiny chair in the changing room, looking at yourself in mirror, mouthing “Why??” with an anguished face. Save yourself (and your feet) and choose flat shoes that are super comfy and have good support. Your tootsies will thank you afterwards.

2. Wear clothes that are easy to get in and out of

I mean this in a PG version, I promise 🙂 When you are in the middle of a shopping spree, you don’t want to take layers of clothes off or mess around with zips and buttons and all things fiddly. Keep it simple! Leggings or loose-fit pants are perfect – and the relaxed fit means you can get that extra Cinnabon too 😉

3. Drink water

Shopping is tiring, but a shopping spree is exhausting!! Put a bottle of water in your handbag and sip on it intermittently. Not only will it help you not get thirsty but it will keep you fresh and mentally awake.

4. Wear make-up

You are going to be staring at yourself in many mirrors – most of those mirrors are under fluorescent lights and will show you sides of yourself you didn’t know you had (and kinda wish you didn’t …). You want to like what you see in the mirror, so put on some nice underwear and a bit of make-up so you can get a confidence boost every time you see yourself under those scary bright lights.

5. Use a crossbody bag

If you are doing the shopping spree correctly, after a while you should be heavily burdened with some heavy duty shopping bags. You don’t want to be messing around trying to juggle your handbag too, so a crossbody bag is perfect – just swing it over your shoulder and keep loading up those shopping bags.

6. Go easy on the accessories

You don’t want dangly earrings or long necklaces getting caught on hangers. Plus, it is a pain to keep removing long necklaces every time you want to try on a shirt – so keep it simple. Wear small studs and delicate chains instead of your usual statement pieces.

Keep these tips in mind and you will enjoy every minute of your fabulous shopping spree!

Any tips of your own? Please share! 🙂

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