All orange

I usually avoid orange like the plague (because I think it makes me look like I actually have the plague) and usually go towards more peach-toned hues, but I loved this necklace when I saw it on Zando and the memory of an orange lipstick that lives in the back of my make-up drawer inspired me. And, voila, an orange outfit is worn. Do you have any colors you just don’t like? I adore red but hardly ever wear it for some reason …  Perhaps that should be my next challenge 🙂


Cover up from Chanson, Shirt from Woolworths, Jeans from Edgars, Shoes from Zoom, Belt from Forever New, Necklace from Zando


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12 thoughts on “All orange

  1. You TOTALLY need to wear orange more often – it looks SO good on you! I know what you mean, though… I spent my early-20s wearing black, black and more black. I’ve only recently started playing around with colour, and I still haven’t been brave enough to try orange. I’ve seen some gorgeous yellow pieces lately, but I’m convinced I’ll look ill in yellow!

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