My shopping outfit

Happy Monday everyone! Anyone else ridiculously excited for this 4-day week? For me, long weekends = shopping. And that’s an equation I like šŸ™‚

The key to a good shopping outfit is comfort. If you are in for a few hours of doing laps around the mall, it’s not the time to wear stilettos or clothes that are uncomfortable. If you wear something loose fitting but nice and throw on some comfy shoes you are on your way to a good shopping day!


Top from Spree, Necklace, Handbag and Shoes from Zando, Jeans from Queenspark




4 thoughts on “My shopping outfit

  1. Putting comfort ahead of my love for high heels is a lesson I still need to learn. Sometimes, I just want to take my Lita’s out for a spin and deeply regret it after about two stores!

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