My “comfort” cardigan

Do you have an item of clothing that makes you feel better? When my sisters and I were little, whenever one of us was sick or feeling sad, my mom would give us her old wool jacket to wear to make us feel better. Somehow it always did!

Now I have a “comfort”  jacket of my own. Whenever it is rainy and gloomy or if I’ve just had a bad day, I reach for this cardigan. It is just so cosy and comfortable that it makes me feel better. (And who doesn’t want to wear something comforting on a Monday??) It’s not particularly glamorous but it’s one of those pieces I love wearing.

What’s your comfort piece?






7 thoughts on “My “comfort” cardigan

  1. Peter has a comfort jersey that I knitted him almost 40 years ago, it is in terrible condition but every now and again he proudly pulls it out – much to my horror. HA HA

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