Military jacket

I love a good military jacket – it is the perfect item to wear when you want to look casual and relaxed, but they are also fun to glam up a bit.

If the idea of wearing a military jacket seems too tomboyish for you, give it a feminine twist with some statement earrings or a floral scarf. Not only will you look cool, but you will feel pretty too 🙂

Is there any clothing item you are absolutely loving now?


Headband from Clicks, Military jacket from Milady’s, Sweater from Woolworths, Jeans from Zando, Old Shoes



8 thoughts on “Military jacket

  1. I’ve had my eye on a military jacket for some time but just never bit the bullet. I love how you paired the army green with pink….Love that color combo! Great look! I’m currently loving my green moto jeggings, can’t stop wearing them.


  2. I love my military jacket! I find myself reaching for it in the cupboard more often than I expected when I bought it. Your outfit is great – I love the jeans 🙂

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