Nap scarf

I have a lot of scarves. They are one of those items that you can wear year round and that adds an extra little oomph to any outfit – plus they always fit 🙂

I saw this scarf at Nap and I just had to get it to add to my little community of scarves. It is the perfect lightweight scarf and has enough detail to make even a super simple outfit look good.

Anyone else have a scarf obsession or any other obsession? I totally support fashion obsessions, so spill – no judgment here 🙂



Scarf from Nap, Shirt from H&M, Jeans and Shoes from Woolworths



9 thoughts on “Nap scarf

  1. Okay, that scarf is super cute!! And at first, I thought you were going to talk about how you like to take naps in your scarf or something to that effect? I was a little confused and definitely intrigued, haha! 😉


  2. Beautiful scarf! I have a scarf obsession too – but a leopard print one! One can never have enough leopard print scarves in their cupboard 😉

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