Weather fit for a trench coat

The past few rainy, gloomy days have been the perfect excuse to cuddle in bed with my husband and dogs and drink copious amounts of coffee and Earl Grey tea. The downside to this weather is that it makes me super lazy when it comes to getting dressed (and putting make-up on and brushing my hair). So when I do finally venture out it is with the bare minimum effort – a cozy, super comfy jersey, casual jeans and a classic trench coat. I didn’t even accessorize! – What kind of fashion blogger am I?? (Shakes head shamefully…)

Stay dry in the rain everyone!


Trenchcoat from Hilton Weiner, Jersey from H&M, Jeans from Woolworths, Shoes from Zoom

Side note: I have shoes on, I promise, they just didn’t reallyΒ come out for some reason πŸ™‚





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